Trimtec Systems EPS Fabricator & Industrial Packaging Manufacturer

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Trimtec Systems is an EPS fabricator & industrial packaging manufacturer based in central Ohio


Since 2001, Trimtec Systems has been a manufacturer of engineered computer cut EPS fabrications and OEM, dunnage packaging.

In house we have the capabilities of 2 3-axis hot wire cutting from 400-800˚F, and additional machines to plane cut shapes to desired thickness's. Trimtec Systems keeps a constant stock of ground 1# EPS and recycles the 100% of the falloff.

Mission Statement

Trimtec is to provide our customers with quality products in a well-defined timely manner that meets or exceeds any and all of their needs.

Trimtec will continually strive to improve and grow our business in ways that adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

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Material Specifications

Trimtec does not manufacture any material. We convert material sourced from an extensive network of suppliers nationally (and internationally). This is much less limiting, as we’re able to access this network to bring you the best variety of foams, plastics and composites specific to your needs:

Processing Capabilities

Trimtec has the following technology in-house for fabrication:

Call us today! 614-820-0340. We will provide you with a FREE quote and answer any questions.